Abigail K

I’m more than a girl with a camera. Firstly, I’m a #ConfidenceCrusader. Encouraging a more positive self perception among the feminine collective – one woman at a time, one photo shoot at a time.

Secondly, I’m a #GirlBoss connecting, collaborating with, contributing to & championing other Girl Bosses. #GirlPower

Lastly, I’m a multi-passionate photopreneur. A positive-energy go-getter with pursuits in Whimsical Fine Art PhotographyOnline Coursesspeaking & creative endeavors that light me up and pique my curiosity.

Andre Du Toit

What you achieve in life is determined by your attitude. I choose positive. I am the Big Positive Guy.

As a successful international business man, I have returned back to my country of birth in order to make this the amazing place we all know it should and can be. As a professional speaker, trainer and coach I have found my purpose and have no greater joy in helping others find theirs and equipping them to live the lives that I believe they deserve.

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