Goal Setting with Ryan Stramrood Promo

In Episode 5 of the Powerful Beyond Measure Podcast Andre & Abigail speak to Ryan Stramrood who is a Competitive Cold Water Swimmer. Ryan has completed 69 Robben Island-to-mainland crossings and swam solo across the notorious English Channel. With a team of South Africans, he swam the first official “Ice Mile” in -1°C water in Antarctica, completed the world’s first swim around the southernmost tip of South America – Cape Horn – and, again with some extreme friends, was the first, South African male to swim from Europe to Africa across the Gibraltar Strait.

In this episode Ryan talks to Andre & Abigail about goal setting, about the power of the mind that each one of us can access and how the mind is the key to overcoming physical challenges.

Ryan talks about his the process he goes through when setting his sights on a new goal, and how he ensures that he’ll achieve that goal no matter how tough the journey gets.

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